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Don’t Miss a Thing: Planning for Your Move

Whether you’re planning a residential or commercial move, the transition is can be stressful. To make things easier on yourself, start with a simple plan that ensures you’ll tackle the most important steps. Of course if you need assistance with residential moving or are searching for reputable commercial movers in the Greater Toronto Area, Francis Movers has helped families and companies move for over 30 years, and can assist you with your upcoming relocation.

What to Include In Your Plan

Start by creating a monthly schedule with a checklist of items to address leading up to the big day. Next, begin your search for an experienced moving company in the Toronto area that can best provide reliable, competent movers and assist you in your transition. Below are some guidelines to follow, be it for a residential move or a commercial move.

Facing a Residential Move like a Pro
Moving can be daunting and let’s face it, downright challenging if you have no idea where to begin. But don’t panic, here are some pointers to remember as you follow your step-by-step monthly plan, for a safe, efficient and yes, even pleasant move.

  • Research and choose a residential moving company and book your moving day
  • Clean, organize and de-clutter
  • Gather packaging supplies 
  • Begin packing items, labeling each box by room
  • Inform all institutions (i.e. schools, post office, doctors’ clinics, utility companies, etc.) of your move 
Don’t Forget These Key Steps for a Smooth Commercial Move
Beyond the useful pointers listed above, with a commercial transition, you’ll want to consider the following steps.

  • Moving your company is a complex process: make sure you hire trusted commercial movers
  • Once you’ve secured your new address (either within the Greater Toronto Area or elsewhere in the province), assign a business location project manager to oversee the move
  • Design and sketch a new floor plan to prepare for the placement of all furniture, equipment and supplies
  • Gather all your paperwork, ensure everything’s signed and all your goods and equipment are well insured

The Right Movers Make All the Difference
Are you feeling stressed out about an upcoming move? Don’t know where to start? Well, we suggest you find and consult a trusted moving company whose professional team will work through all the details with you. Whether your next move is just around the corner, or if you’re just starting to consider one, contact the professionals at Francis Movers or request a quote today, to make both your residential or commercial moving transition as stress free and pleasant as possible.

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