Everything You Need to Know About Moving Into a Condo

The big day is right around the corner. Moving is as stressful as it is exciting. You're looking forward to the change of pace and scenery, but you're tired of being surrounded by boxes and packing tape. Luckily for you, you did your research and planning before the big move so you feel ready to go. We wish more people planned like you! Are you slacking on some planning? As movers in Toronto, we're here to help. Below is a guide on everything you need to know about moving into a condo.


Research the HOA

You won't necessarily have a nosy landlord as you did in your college apartment, but you'll probably be under the supervision of a Home Owner's Association (HOA). As one of the top tips for new condo owners, we suggest researching the HOA, even before you sign the lease. The HOA will govern things like the outside appearance of your condo, interior renovations, and community guidelines. Most condo owners pay an annual fee for their HOA in order to gain access to community amenities.


Give Yourself Time

If you're moving from a full-sized home, you'll need to declutter and downsize to fit into a condo. Allow yourself plenty of time to sort your belongings, sell what you don't need, and throw away the trash. Don't save it for the last minute. Create a moving checklist of all the tasks you need to complete before moving day. Don't forget to add setting up the utilities and changing your mailing address to the list! Do you feel like you're in a rush? Hire a packing company to help, or recruit local friends and family to pack boxes. Whether you need movers in Toronto or assistance with a relocation in Florida, you'll feel better asking for help.


Chat With the Condo Admin About Logistics

There's a high chance you don't know the best route for moving your belongings in your new condo building. Chat with the condo admin about the best times and routes for moving in your furniture. Ask about where to park your moving truck, what service elevator is most convenient, and when there's minimal traffic in the hallways. They'll be able to share the best tips on how to move into a condo in your building.


Make Immediate Notes of Any Damage

It's best to make notes of damage before moving in your belongings, but if you aren't able to scan the place before move-in day, make notes as quickly as possible. Write down any noticeable dents, loose wires, broken appliances, or leaky faucets. Your HOA should cover some maintenance costs or be able to refer you to a trusted contractor.


Getting Ready for the Big Day: Moving Into a Condo

Whether you're an empty nester or just ready for a change, moving into a condo is exciting. Make the process seamless by taking the necessary preparation tips. Making a moving checklist is helpful. Guarantee you're giving yourself plenty of time to prepare for the move, and chat with your HOA about helpful moving tips regarding your specific building. Are you looking for reliable movers in Toronto? Francis Movers can help you with your residential or commercial move. Check out the full list of our services, and contact us today.


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