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How to Move Office Equipment Safely and Efficiently

Moving into a new office can be stressful and time-consuming. In order to have a successful move, you need to know how to pack and transport all your office furniture and equipment. Thankfully, with the right packing tools and supplies, you can reduce office downtime and get back to business at the new location as soon as possible. Francis Movers, a commercial moving company in Toronto, has put together some tips to help your office move go smoothly.

Office Equipment Moving Tips 

Furniture: Decrease the risk of damage when moving furniture by using bubble wrap and furniture pads. Furniture is also a lot easier to move when you remove the legs or when you take larger pieces of furniture apart. Make sure to collect any nuts and screws and place them in a bag taped securely to the piece of furniture they are from.

Computers and other electronics: Any piece of electronic equipment is best transported inside of its original box, preferably with the original Styrofoam inside as well. If this isn't possible, then you can use any similarly sized and sturdy box. Fill up any empty space inside with bubble wrap, paper, packing peanuts, or blankets.

Printers and copiers: Printers and copiers first need to be powered down and detached from fax lines and network cables. The fuser should be given at least 30 minutes to cool before any consumables are removed. You'll also need to remove all accessories, such as sorters, paper trays, paper decks, and finishers. Secure the document feeder with tape and bubble wrap the entire machine. Printers and copiers need to be moved with a furniture dolly and should only be transported on smooth surfaces. If you need to go over a rough surface, then lay down floor protectors first.

Files and other paperwork: Files and paperwork, if already filed, can be transported inside of a secured filing cabinet. Make sure that the drawers are locked during transport. Loose files and papers should be transported inside of a sturdy box with a snug-fitting lid.

Hire Commercial Movers in Toronto
While you can certainly attempt an office move yourself if you have the right moving equipment and supplies, it's always worthwhile to consider hiring an experienced Toronto moving company instead. Moving is not an easy job and, if your office staff doesn't know what they are doing, they can cause injury to themselves or damage to your office equipment. An office move gone wrong can end up becoming more expensive than you bargained for.

At Francis Movers, our experienced commercial movers in Toronto have all of the necessary training and experienced to carry out your office move safely and efficiently. We know how to reassemble and disassemble all types of office equipment, and we can provide all of the proper packing supplies as well. As an established moving company in Toronto, it's our business to make sure that your business can get back up and running as quickly as possible.

If you have any more questions about the services provided by our commercial movers in Toronto, please contact us today.

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