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How to Pack Valuables when Moving

When moving, you don’t need to worry too much about how you box up your shoes, clothes, books, kitchen utensils and the like. But your tableware, electronics, artwork, mirrors and antiques are another matter. Here are some tips for packing these fragile and valuable items so that they don’t get broken or damaged en route.


Plates, bowls, china and other tableware should get packed into small- or medium-sized boxes. The first step is to pad the bottom of the boxes with bubble wrap, crumpled up newspaper or towels.

Plates should get their own box. Wrap them individually with packing paper or cloth towels and stack them vertically in the box (they’re less likely to break in this position).

Bowls, teacups and hardy glasses can be packed together. Individually wrap them and arrange them into small towers. Stuff packing material into the empty spaces between items so that nothing moves around. As an extra precaution, you can put the different items into individual cells set off by cardboard dividers.

Fragile glasses and china cups should always be placed in individual cells. They shouldn’t be stacked; however, if you’re looking to maximize space, you can create an extra level in the box with a sturdy piece of cardboard that spans the box.

Televisions, computers, stereos and other large electronic equipment should be given their own boxes. Ideally, they should go in a box that is very near to the item in size. You don’t want the item to budge at all, so surround it with ample packing material. If the box is on the large side, you can fill in some of that extra space with Styrofoam moulds, foam peanuts, moving blankets, towels and other materials.

Artwork and Mirrors
Use foam or cardboard corners to protect the frame from scuffs and scratches. To protect the glass, first tape an X across it with masking tape and then wrap it with packing paper and bubble wrap. Don’t use packing materials such as newspaper or parchment paper, which can scratch glass or leave stains.

With antique and expensive furniture, be very liberal with the bubble wrap. Cover every square inch of the item and secure the wrapping with tape. Afterwards, put the item in a box specially fitted for the piece.

A final tip: use thick, sturdy boxes for all valuables, and always label them as fragile and draw an arrow to indicate which way they should stand. Also, for insurance purposes, it’s wise to take photos of these items before packing them away, in case they get damaged.

Residential Moving in Toronto

Once you’ve got your valuables and everything else boxed up, all that remains is to find a reliable moving company to safely transport them. For a smooth household move, and for professional packing services, reach out to Francis Movers. We’ve been moving Toronto residents since 1983. Contact us today to request a free quote!

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