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Moving Heavy Equipment for Your Business

Packing up binders, documents and stationary isn’t a big ordeal, but transporting large office furniture and equipment is a whole other matter. If your business is setting up shop at a new location, or if you need to transport heavy items, there are some distinct advantages to entrusting the task to a reputable moving company. Keep reading to learn the advantages of hiring pros for your next commercial move.

Minimize Downtime

Hiring professionals will ensure your move is quick and efficient, and that your business will be up and running with minimal delay and disruption. Your employees can continue to focus on their work and you’ll avoid putting operations at a standstill.

Reduce Hassle and Stress
If you don’t hire professionals, you’ll have to rent or buy all the necessary equipment yourself including moving trucks, hand trucks, crates, packing materials and more. And you’ll have to deal with all the logistics of the move. This represents both a financial and time cost.

Additionally, by hiring a reliable and efficient mover, you can take a load off yourself and your employees. A professional moving company will both disassemble and reassemble equipment. The only thing outside their domain is reconnecting the wiring and setting up computers or other electronic equipment. Call in a professional technician to do this.

Reduced Risk of Accident
Having your employees do the moving presents a legal and financial risk — and more importantly, a safety risk. Accidents and injuries can easily occur when moving heavy equipment, especially if you lack training and experience. It’s also possible that expensive equipment may break or get damaged.

It’s rare that professional movers damage equipment during a move, but in the off case that this happens, they have insurance to cover the cost.

Commercial Movers in Toronto
If you need to pack up and move your business or transport heavy equipment, reach out to us at Francis Movers. Our moving company has years of experience providing businesses with smooth and hassle-free commercial moves in the GTA. In addition, we’re fully insured, work on short notice and can provide extra workers as needed for time-sensitive moves. Contact us today for a free quote on your next move.

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