Seven Easy Tips to Reduce Moving Costs

Moving can be really stressful, costly and time-consuming. Hiring professionals to help you will make moving much easier and faster don’t depend on others to help you out with moving? Professional movers can help you move at a price that fits right into your budget. From residential moves to commercial moves, Francis Movers can help you with everything!

Tips to Reduce Moving Costs

Here are 7 simple ways in which you can reduce your moving costs:

1. Find affordable commercial movers or a residential moving company

Depending on your requirements, choose a moving company that will meet your specifications the best. Compare the quotes of two or three different professional movers. Try to find something that’s within your budget. Make sure that they’re reliable; you wouldn’t want your precious belongings to go missing. Also be mindful, lower prices can be an indication of poor services. Choose wisely.

2. Book sensibly

Choose an affordable mover who has an honest reputation. Once that’s done, go right ahead and schedule your moving. If you are moving during peak season getting a booking can be rather difficult. Reserve your moving date and book early on. If you book last moment you might not be able to make the booking on the day you want. An early booking can get you discounts and will also provide security. Make sure to ask them if they will help you with the packing or not.

3. Get Moving insurance

It might seem like an extra expenditure along with the money you have to spend for moving, but it is important. The items that you need to move may be valuable and you need to ensure that they’re safe. Even if you hire the best movers, mistakes are inevitable. If you purchase insurance it will ensure that full accountability and coverage is provided for all the items. Discuss the insurance options with your movers and select the one that best suits your budget.

4. Make a check-list and follow it

This is a smart move to cut moving costs as much as possible. Start with making a check-list of all the things that you own. Choose the things that you really need. Then start packing accordingly. As they say, time is money. So, use your time as efficiently as possible. Saved time would mean that you won’t need to pay extra labor costs. This will decrease the costs in moving considerably.

5. Reduce your boxes
Moving from one place to another with your luggage can be very heavy on the pocket. You need to segregate your things into the things that you really need and the ones you could do without. Sell the items that you think could get you some financial benefit. If you have things to spare you can donate them. Downsizing your possessions is a good money and time saving option.

6. Try to move out during off season

This is an easy saving technique. Even though it isn’t always possible to ideally choose the time you want to move, but if you do have that choice, always choose to move during off-season. Also, aim to move during weekdays at the middle of the month, those are the non-busy days. Avoiding peak season can help you save 20% or even more.

If you are broke and have fewer belongings its better if you move by yourself. But, if you have a lot of things and want to move systematically, you should always choose professional movers. They will help you move your valuables in an organized manner and you will save both money and time.

7. Ask about mid-month special rates

Certain movers offer special discount rates during the middle of the month. Most people want to move during the beginning or end of the month. You can use this to your advantage by booking a mid-month move.

For packing and supplies, residential and commercial moving, choose Francis Movers. We are known for our quality service. Reliable, honest and experienced movers who will take care of your belongings and deliver them safely, intact and on time. Customer satisfaction matters most to us and we would do the best we can to make moving less stressful for you. We gladly offer a free quote and moving insurance. Know the details of our services, contact us today!

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