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Relocating Your Business?

We offer excellent pricing along with efficiency. Our business is well-equipped as any other national moving company.

Require Packing Services?

We offer packing services for moving your residential and commercial assets. Packing assistance for renovations also available.

We can deliver packing materials ahead of time for just $20.00, when you book a move date with Francis Movers.

Need Hassle-free Home Moving Services?

Small or big. Near or far. Moving insurance is included.

Planning an Office Renovation or Relocation?

We are experts in short-term storage and careful relocation of your valuable office equipment. Moving insurance is included.

Would You Prefer

Lady Packers for Packing Assistance?

See our Packing Options page.

Commercial Movers Serving IN Toronto

Are you relocating your business? Count on Francis Movers – your trusted commercial movers in Toronto. We are well equipped as any other national moving company and have the experience to give you high-quality service. We ensure that your items arrive safely and in good condition to their intended location. Over the years, we have been the trusted commercial movers in Toronto that businesses hire for their relocation. We serve the entire GTA region, so just give us a call when you plan to move next time. Call us today to know more.


Whether you need to move a short distance across town or a long-haul move cross-province, we are happy to help. Along with transportation and delivery, we can also help you with wrapping and packaging of your office materials. We provide sturdy custom boxes to protect your valuables. When we arrive at your new location and unload your office, our commercials movers can then begin the unpacking process. We can also provide the following services:

Free commercial moving quotes
Mid-month discounts
Most last-minute moves
More workers as needed to complete time-sensitive moves
Furniture disassembling and reassembling (desks, dividers, shelves, etc.)
Moving equipment and materials (pads, dollies, hand trucks, plastic wrap, etc.)
Up to $50,000 in insurance (some exemptions apply)


Office assets are costly, and moving them can be a real challenge. For all your commercial moves, it is advised to hire a professional team. Here are a few tips that can help you with your move:

  • Invest In Quality Packing Materials: Moving your firm necessitates transporting your commercial assets from one location to another. Before beginning the moving and packing process, it's critical to invest in adequate packing equipment to keep your belongings organized (and in one piece). Cardboard moving boxes, bubble wrap or moving blankets, packing tape, transparent zip-lock bags, and pens or markers for labelling are essential packing equipment for business relocation.

  • Label Everything: When you start packing in earnest, it's critical to be organized. The most straightforward approach to maintain track of your belongings when packing is to mark each box carefully. That way, while you're setting up at your new location, you'll be able to locate the products you need quickly.

  • Handle the Furniture Properly: Furniture is an essential part of any office. For chairs and sofas, it is better to disassemble everything if possible for efficient storage. Space should be considered while packing storage containers such as filing cabinets and shelving units. To save space, remove shelves whenever possible and fill these units with light goods. Tape file cabinet drawers shut to prevent them from opening during a transfer.

Call us today to schedule a consultation for honest and reliable commercial movers in Ontario and the entire GTA area.


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