Things You Need to Look for Before Hiring a Moving Company

It’s all about making the right choices while it comes to moving. There are many factors to consider and oftentimes, one of the most crucial of them is which professional moving company to hire. 

It’s no secret that hiring professionals will simplify the entire moving process. Experienced movers can take care of the toughest stages and eliminate the tasks of lifting heavy items such as furniture. However, picking up just any company won’t work as there’s the risk of coming across bad ones.  

At Francis Movers, we have prided ourselves on delivering customer satisfaction for over 30 years. We are happy to give a helping hand by taking care of as little as or as much as of the packing and moving process. We provide moving services for both commercial and residential clients.

In this blog, we have explained what all factors you have to consider before deciding on a moving company. 


An excellent track record over many years can prove that a company knows the business. Ask regarding specialty experience, like moving priceless heirlooms or working in high rise buildings. Experienced movers will know how to tackle every possible moving problem that may come up.  


Verify that the company has insurance. All movers are needed to assume liability for the value of the goods that are transported. You are required to be aware of the applied charges and the amount of protection that will be provided. 

Moving Inventory 

A professional mover will take inventory of all the items and determine their weight. This is because; a large component of the price will be based on the weight of your belongings and how much space they take up in the truck. Ensure that you thoroughly understand this estimate and it is precise as possible.  

Avoid Companies with a Name Switch 

Ensure that the business has a local address and has information about licensing. Their staff should answer the phone with the full name of the company. See if there are any other businesses done under the company name. Also, look into their state and federal license numbers along with complaints about them.  

Avoid blank moving contracts 

Ensure to get everything in writing, rather than signing in blank contracts. Check if the mover’s estimate, along with any extra fees, is listed. The pickup and delivery dates should also be mentioned. You can’t file any claim for an item that isn’t mentioned on the inventory list. 

Customer Support 

Ensure that you hire a moving company that provides good customer support. By any chance, if there are problems like a dispute over the sum to be paid, delay in delivery or damaged goods, you will have to rely on the company’s customer support.  

Let Francis Movers Help 

Francis Movers is a family run business that has been providing complete moving services to clients in Ontario, Toronto and North York. We work on short notice and are fully insured. All our staff isfull-time professionals with experience. Our trucks range in size from 16-feet to 30-feet. We also offer boxes and other packing materials at wholesale prices.  

For information on packing valuables when moving, read our blog post.

Call us to know more about our services.  

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