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We can deliver packing materials ahead of time for just $20.00, when you book a move date with Francis Movers.

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Small or big. Near or far. Moving insurance is included.

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We are experts in short-term storage and careful relocation of your valuable office equipment. Moving insurance is included.

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Browse Our Moving Rates and Options in Toronto

At Francis Movers, we understand that moving can be a challenging and daunting task. But, when you call us, you can count on our team of moving experts to provide prompt, safe and reliable moving services. Whether you are relocating within the same neighbourhood, across town, or to a new city, we have got you covered with affordable moving rates and options in Toronto. Our prices are competitive, and we are well known never to compromise on quality or attention to detail. Call us to discuss your needs with a member of our team - we will be happy to customize our service to meet your requirements.


We are a reputable company with years of experience and our team is committed to providing efficient services to help make your moving experience smooth and easy. We work hard to ensure that our services not only match your expectations, but exceed them! What’s more, when you book a moving date with Francis Movers we can deliver packing materials ahead of time for just $20.00 to help you get started on some of your packings at your convenience!

Contact us for more information about our moving rates and options in Toronto. We will be glad to help you with all your moving needs!

Moving Supply Prices

We provide high-quality packing materials and sturdy custom boxes to ensure that your belongings reach their destination safely. We can also supply individual packing materials at the following rates:

Boxes (any size): $2.00 each
New wardrobe: $30.00 each
Used wardrobe: $20.00 each
Tape rolls: $15.00 for six rolls
Packing paper: $30.00 for a 25-pound bundle of unprinted newsprint
Delivery: $25.00


At Francis Movers, we operate a fleet of seven well-maintained trucks in a range of sizes that allows us to move all kinds of items, in a secure manner. We offer the following capacities and truck sizes for you to choose from:

Panel van 16' x 7' x 7' (suitable for moving a 1-bedroom apartment or small 2-bedroom apartment)
Truck 24' x 8' x 8'
Truck 26' x 8' x 8'
Truck 28' x 8' x 8'
Truck 30' x 8' x 9'
Truck 35' x 8' x 9'


Our moving rates in Toronto are highly competitive. Like many other industries, our moving rates depend on the number of movers and manpower required for your job and when you are planning your move. Our rates towards the end of the month are just a bit higher than the rest of the month in keeping with industry standards. Our hourly moving rates are as follows:

Number of movers
Mid-Month [2nd-24th]
End of Month [25th-1st]*
2 Men
$115 per hour
$125 per hour
3 Men
$150 per hour
$165 per hour
4 Men
$200 per hour
$210 per hour
5 Men
$250 per hour
$260 per hour

* Please note that all end-of-month moves require at least three men for increased efficiency and reliability (included in rates).


We require a minimum time of 4-hours, including travel time. All packing materials including boxes, tape, and packing paper are included in our packing prices. NO WORRIES AND NO EXTRA FEES.

2 Ladies - $120/hour

3 Ladies - $160/hour

$50/hour each for extra packer


To book an appointment with us, call today.

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