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Reliable Movers in Toronto and Surrounding Areas

All packing Materials (boxes, tape, and packing paper) are included in our packing prices.


The Francis Movers Difference

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Need Hassle-free Home Moving Services?

Small or big. Near or far. Moving insurance is included.

Planning an Office Renovation or Relocation?

We are experts in short-term storage and careful relocation of your valuable office equipment. Moving insurance is included.

Would You Prefer

Lady Packers for Packing Assistance?

See our Packing Options page.

When you book a move date with Francis Movers, we can deliver the packing materials ahead of time for just $20!


At Francis Movers, we believe all homeowners are entitled to top-notch moving services. Whether you’re moving from a house with 4 rooms or 40, we are happy to offer our services as well as free quotes.

Francis Movers Co. is the name that comes to mind when you think of dependable movers in Toronto. Ours is a business that you can trust when it comes to packing and moving your belongings across small or big distances in and around Greater Toronto and North York. Our professional moving services ensure hassle-free packing, transport, and unpacking for our residential and­ commercial clients. If you are planning to move to a condo, Francis Movers can help. You can also trust us for long-distance as well as local moving. We also do mini moves, which involve moving your belongings in the same building, condo, or high rise. When you book a move date with Francis Movers Co., we can deliver the packing materials ahead of time for just $20! If you are relocating, get us on board, and we will do whatever it takes to securely box up all your valuables with professional packing equipment and move them with care.


Get in touch to book your moving date with your reliable movers in Toronto.




Moving to a new place should always be comfortable and memorable. But when you plan to pack and move without any professional help, the experience can get rather stressful and taxing. With the help of professional movers in Toronto like us, moving is sure to be a stress-free experience. Here are some advantages of hiring professionals for the task:

  • No stress: Having the aid of a professional moving company will take the load off you and let you focus on other important things.

  • Safe transfers: Professional movers know the nuances of packing, wrapping, and taping your items, even the fragile and delicate ones. This prevents damage and ensures the safe transfer of your valuable belongings.

  • Professional supplies: Professional packers and movers have ideal packing supplies for every kind of item. Separate boxes, extra wrapping material, etc. are some of the things that will be readily available to you.


Francis Movers Co. makes packing and moving simple and swift, as we believe everyone is entitled to top-notch moving services. Whether you’re moving from a house with 4 rooms or 40, we are happy to offer our services and free quotes. Contact our movers in Toronto for the following services:

When it comes to residential moving, we plan meticulously and try to accommodate every requirement. The best part about hiring our movers in Toronto is that we not only pack and move, but we also help you unassemble your furniture and reassemble them later on.

If your business is relocating, we can lend a hand in storing up your valuables and transitioning from your old building to the new one. Our team is equipped with the skills and materials to securely move your equipment and files to ensure convenience and peace of mind.

Worried about the packaging and safekeeping of your belongings while you renovate your space? Count on us. We can help you with packaging supplies and storing them until the renovation is complete. Our team can also help you clean up after moving.

Check out our various packages and prices. Don’t forget to have a look at our free moving insurance service.



Nothing matters more to us than customer satisfaction. We’ll gladly provide a free quote with no obligations. If you choose us to be your moving company in Greater Toronto, North York or the surrounding areas, we promise that you’ll receive quick, efficient, and reliable service. Don’t try to deal with this stressful project on your own! Call the professionals at Francis Movers to make your move a stress-free one today!


Up to 6 free wardrobe carriers to help you on the day of the move worth $120.00
Free in-home estimates
Mid-month discounts
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