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Affordable Moving Services in Toronto

If you are moving to or within Toronto, you are certainly not alone. Moving is one of the most challenging experiences one needs to face. You must ensure that you include everything you want to take with you, create an appropriate travel itinerary, and then decide how you will carry your belongings.

If you want to avoid the hustle-bustle, consider hiring a professional moving service. Francis Movers is a professional moving company that offers efficient moving services to ensure a seamless residential or commercial move.


At Francis Movers, we understand what it takes to move to a different place. That’s why our bonded and insured employees make sure you don’t face the challenge alone. 

We efficiently transport all your belongings to your new place so that you only focus on the good. Whether you need assistance with cleaning, wrapping, packing, or unpacking stuff, we have got it all covered. Our moving services include:

  • Residential moves: If you need help with moving to a new household, we will develop the best strategy to execute the process in the most efficient way possible. We offer custom packing supplies for your entire house, free quotes, faster delivery, short-notice moves, and much more. With our highly qualified team of movers, you have got nothing to worry about. 

  • Commercial moves: Francis Movers is a trusted commercial mover in the Toronto region. We have what it takes to provide high-quality service to our customers and we ensure all of their belongings arrive safely at the new location. Our wide range of commercial services includes mid-month discounts, moving equipment, and furniture disassembling. Check out our commercial services here.

  • Packing and cleaning services: With years of packing knowledge, we know how to wrap and preserve fragile objects to prevent damage when being transported. We use quality packing equipment to ensure that your commodities are not damaged during transit. We also offer affordable rates for post-move or pre-move cleaning and packing services, so you feel refreshed arriving at your new home.


If you need help with moving and packing, we will devise a strategy to effectively and quickly transport everything to your new location. Although we provide short-notice moves, we recommend booking an appointment 30 days before moving to make the process easier for both sides. Call now to plan your first move with us. 


Rely on our professional relocation services for effective packaging and moving.

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