Saving Money for Moving: The Complete Guide for Your Move

Do you know that 35% of Canadians have made a move in the past five years? Another 21% of Canadians are planning to move in the next five years. When you think about all the time and money it can cost to move, it can be very intimidating. There are ways that. You can cut back on common moving expenses though. Keep reading if you are looking for tips on saving money for moving.


Plan Ahead

If you are moving out of state or province, it is especially important to plan ahead as much as humanly possible. When you are doing all the packing and moving at the last minute, you are likely to use whatever service is available, no matter what the cost. If it is possible, you can book movers or a moving van ahead of time. You can also plan for where you will live in the interim period if the place you are moving to is not available when you move out of your current home.


Overestimate the Boxes You’ll Need

If you don’t have enough boxes for a move, you might end up having to go out and buy boxes. You can get boxes from a moving company at the last minute but you may end up paying more. Start collecting boxes as soon as you know you are moving. Packing for moves usually requires more boxes than you think you need. Even if you are putting some belongings in storage, you still need boxes. In order to get the best sturdy moving boxes, you can order them from the movers. You can also get packing tape and other moving supplies You can often get boxes for lighter items for free from businesses if you find out what day they get stock. If you break down boxes yourself, most businesses don't mind if you show up on the stock day.


Saving Money for Moving by Reducing Belongings

Do you want to know the best tactic for saving money for moving? Don’t move it. It might sound drastic, but how many of the items in your house do you use? When you are looking at moving rates, Toronto movers will tell you that it is all about how much belongings you have. Get organized and go through every item you own before you call a local moving service. Get rid of everything that has been sitting in a closet for years. You can even make money for a move if you know what you are willing to part with ahead of time. Good quality items can be sold in consignment shops. You can have a yard sale, too. The important thing to remember is that the fewer things you have to move, the less your moving costs will be.


Fewer Expenses Means Less Stress

Moving is a stressful experience for most people. You can reduce that stress by reducing moving expenses. Saving money for moving can make the process simpler and you will find it induces less anxiety. Check out our rates and options to find the best deal for your next move!


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