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At Francis Movers, our mission is simple. With honest and hard-working movers, we take every measure to ensure that each of our customers is satisfied with our moving job. We hope this list of tips helps things go as smoothly as possible.


  • Make sure all small items are packed in appropriately sized boxes (boxes are only rated for certain weight)

  • Ensure all boxes are labelled on the top and the sides so that they end up in the right room.

  • If mattress bags are needed, please request them before the move day.

  • Drain gas and oil from lawnmowers, chainsaws, snow blowers, gas grills, and kerosene heaters.

  • Defrost and clean your fridge and freezer at least one day before the move.

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  • Wait at least 3 hours before plugging in your fridge or freezer to let the freezer settle.

  • Make sure that your elevator reservation times coincide with your moving times. If your elevator time is restricted, consider additional helpers to speed up the move.

  • Ensure you have the van driver’s name and contact information, and provide your driver with contact information at the destination. Confirm directions to your new home.

  • Remove snow and ice from sidewalks, driveways, and steps.

  • To prevent possible damage, televisions, electronic equipment, and major appliances should not be used before they reach room temperature.

  • Clean out your closets, cupboards, toy chests, shelves, attic, garage, and basement, and donate or discard anything you do not plan to use in your new home.

  • Decide which plants will come with you and secure soil in potted plants with plastic wrap or garbage bags.

  • Give a last-minute check to every room and closet before the truck leaves. Ensure the water, furnace, and air conditioner are shut off, windows and doors are shut and locked, and lights are switched off.

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$50,000 coverage total


$100 deductible on claims


$400 maximum per piece


Insurance coverage includes furniture and electronics for physical damage only.

Contents packed into boxes are only insured if packed and unpacked by our staff.


Payment can be made after the move has been completed by Visa, Mastercard, or Cash.


As a moving company with comprehensive moving services, Francis Movers offers supplies to ensure the efficient packing of your belongings.


20 pounds of packing paper $20 | 6 rolls of tape $10 Minimum order $60 plus $20 delivery charge.


Small 13.5” x 13.5” x 20”


Medium  14” x 24” x 19.5”

Large 16” x 19” x 20”


Are you planning a move to the beautiful city of Toronto? Don't stress - Francis Movers Co. has your back!

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