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Do You Need Supplies for Your Move?

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We can deliver packing materials ahead of time for just $20.00, when you book a move date with Francis Movers.

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Small or big. Near or far. Moving insurance is included.

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Packing Supplies for Moves in and Around Toronto

When you are moving, you should always consider good-quality packing materials and supplies, so that your belongings are safe during the move. If you require packing supplies in Greater Toronto and surrounding areas, get in touch with Francis Movers. We can supply you with all the packing materials and boxes you will need. We also offer packages perfect for a one-bedroom or two-bedroom apartment. Have a look at the different packages we have for one-bedroom, two-bedroom, and three-bedroom apartments, condos, and homes here.

PLUS – For just $20, we will deliver your packing supplies ahead of time so you can get a head start.


As professional movers, we supply you with comprehensive moving services and offer our customers a wide range of moving supplies. Rest assured, you’ll receive high-quality as well as durable cardboard boxes for all your packaging and moving requirements. 

This is just another way to make sure your move goes as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Since we strive to serve you better, we take great care to ensure your packages are delivered safely. We provide the following products to help you with your move: 

Wardrobe boxes (L x W x H) (3' x 3' x 4.5')
They are perfect for moving, storing, and shipping clothes and garments when planning to move or relocate.
Regular packing boxes (2.25' x 1.5' x 2')
You can use them to move various materials and items—for instance, books, fragile items, kitchen stuff and more.
Heavier duty boxes (2' x 1.25' x 1.5')
They provide optimal protection for your belongings as they are sturdier than regular boxes. Apart from this, you can fit more items in a single box due to its durability.
Clear tape
It is always better to choose your clear tapes for packing and moving more wisely. Tapes come in a variety of types and adhesives. We help you by providing strong tapes that won’t spill open while loading and in transit.
Unprinted newsprint
They can help you keep your fragile items such as cups, figurines or sculptures, and vases, among other things, protected and covered. You can also use them to wrap-up your frames or can use them as padding.


Material Pricing

Below are the pricing details for the materials we use and offer:

Boxes (any size): $2.00 each
New wardrobe: $30.00 each
Used wardrobe: $20.00 each
Tape rolls: $15.00 for six rolls
Packing paper: $30.00 for a 25-pound bundle of unprinted newsprint
Delivery: $25.00


Packing and moving can cause a lot of stress and, at times, can be frustrating. You can follow some of the below-mentioned tips to make your packing process more eventful and less mundane.

You must keep a packing and moving list.
Declutter your items so you can pack less.
Invest in good quality packing boxes.
Colour code or label your packing boxes.
Avoid overpacking your items.
Use the appropriate size of packing boxes.
Use wrapping papers or paddings.

It is better to hire professional packers and movers as they are experts in the field and can efficiently accomplish the job. We, at Francis Moving Co., ensure you the best possible packing supplies in Toronto.  

Moving Rates

The moving rates are as follows:

* Please note that all end-of-month moves require at least three men for increased efficiency and reliability (included in rates).

Packing Rates

We carry the following packing rates which are inclusive of the cost of the boxes, tapes and packing paper:

2 Ladies - $110/hour
3 Ladies - $155/hour
$50/hour each for extra packer

To learn more about our pricing details, you can refer here. For further information on our mid-month discounts, or to book your moving schedule, contact us.


If you would like to order our packing supplies for your next move, fill out the form and we will get back to you soon!


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Get your packing supplies from us today for a hassle-free move!

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