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A Complete Guide to Must-Have Moving Supplies in Toronto

Were you aware that the moving services industry in Canada is worth $1.2 billion? It goes without saying that Canadians, from sea to sea, are used to putting homes up for sale or concluding leases before relocating elsewhere. If you plan to move sooner rather than later and need to gather the supplies you need pronto, what should be on your shopping list? Continue reading to learn about must-have moving supplies in Toronto. Getting these items will make preparing for moving day a lot easier.

Moving Boxes

You'll need moving boxes of various sizes. It makes sense to do a quick inventory of your possessions to figure out how many boxes you'll need. A good rule of thumb is to buy more moving boxes than you think you'll need. You'll be glad you did. If you have to keep going back to the moving supplies store to get more boxes, you'll waste valuable time that you can't afford to fritter away. Buy more than you need to get everything packed up without unnecessary disruptions. Use the big boxes to pack lightweight things like your clothes. Small boxes should be reserved for heavier items like books or appliances. Get the boxes you need from the company you hire to help you on a moving day.

Packing Tape

When you buy moving boxes wherever you get moving gear, don't forget to purchase some packing tape. Lots of it. It might be tempting to get the cheap tape from a dollar store. But that'll be more frustration than it's worth. The quality tape will hold up while the cheap tape will rip and tear, which will make taping up boxes a time-consuming and frustratingly maddening chore.

Cushioning Materials

When preparing for a move, you must be mindful of protecting your stuff. Some items are more fragile than others, so investing in packing paper and bubble wrap is essential. Cushioning materials will ensure your property doesn't get damaged in transit. While you're at it, don't forget to invest in furniture padding. You don't want to allow the leather sofa you spent good money on to get damaged in the moving truck. Investing in the right cushioning will protect all your stuff.

Stretch Wrap

Get some stretch wrap to cover things like your bedroom furniture, chairs, and other things you'd like to protect from scratches, dings, and tears. You can get quality stretch wrap when you go anywhere selling moving equipment. The stuff you use to wrap your salad bowl won't cut it.

Storage Bins

It's also a good idea to get some storage bins. You can store a lot of things in them, which can simplify the packing process. Moving is hard work, especially if you have lots to pack. Being able to load stuff into bins will make things easier.

Do You Need Moving Supplies in Toronto?

Do you help with an upcoming move? What moving supplies in Toronto do you need? We're a reputable moving services company in Scarborough that serves the entire GTA. You can trust us for help with moving, packing, and moving supplies. Get in touch to obtain a free quote and to find out how we can take the stress out of preparing for and executing your move.






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